Whittguard Security Services, Inc. is the largest privately owned security company in Lorain County, with headquarters in Avon, Ohio. We are dedicated to taking security to a more professional, and higher level with every client we serve. We feature services that our national competitors simply can’t offer  based on their volume of clients. This provides us with a unique position in the industry.

Affordable Security, Exceptional Protection

Whittguard Security Services, Inc. is a unique security company because of our safeguards to prevent situations from occurring, and our immediately direct response if an issue should arise. We pride ourselves in always providing top-of-the-line security services at competitive prices you can afford. We believe in customizing security plans for the specific needs of each client, and we are available to handle any occurrence that may present itself.

At Whittguard Security Services, Inc. we utilize fully trained, and OPOTC licensed security officers, as well as off-duty police. Also, we have recently updated our entire fleet to include more fuel efficient vehicles. This saves our clients money on patrol fees, and saves the environment as a whole.building


“The owner and officers make certain that they are performing the duties the client needs and expect. I am very confident that your security needs will be in great hands with Whittguard.”
Rex A. Engle – General Manager, Oberlin Inn


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