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Here at Whittguard Security Services, Inc. we believe in a balanced approach that doesn’t break the bank. We strive to combine technology,¬†practicality, and personnel where it is needed, while maintaining a measurable amount of contingency planning,¬†fail-safes, and documentation. We utilize fully trained, and OPOTA licensed security officers, as well as off duty police. Also, we have recently updated our entire fleet to include more fuel efficient vehicles. This saves our clients money on patrol fees, and saves the environment as a whole.

Armed & Unarmed Security

Residential Protection

Commercial Facilities

Health Care Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Educational Campuses

Retail Facilities

Municipal Facilities

Event Security & Staff

Financial Institutions

Executive Protection

Private Parties

Off Duty Police Officers

Mobile Patrol

Alarm Response

Site Checks

Routine Patrol

Traffic Control


Residential Welfare Checks

Office Services

FBI & BCI Finger Printing

SSN Trace

County Criminal Search

Multi-State Criminal Database Search

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search

DOT Drug Screening

Drug Screening-Non DOT 10-Panel

Remote CCTV Monitoring